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  1. MDX
    I drive a 2001 MDX touring and I've got 3 questions. 1. Does the figure displayed as the average mpg on the trip screen truely reflect how efficiently the vehicle is using gas? 2. What is the likelyhood of this figure being wrong? 3. If I'm getting a reading of about 10mpg within the city, what...
  2. Integra
    This morning I went to start my car ( 2000 integra ) and it would not start. I tried boosting it but it just turned over with out even trying to fire. It was driving fine when I parked it last night, so I'm a little confused to as why this would happen. I checked that There was spark, which...
  3. All other Car discussions.
    Hello- New to this forum. I have a TSX, 2004, 72K miles. The dealership recommended a Fuel Injector Cleaning. yes, it is more sluggish now (despite using premium gas) but..there is a HUGE difference in price if the dealer does it ($200) or a place like Valvoline. I'm assuming the Acura dealer...
1-3 of 3 Results