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  1. Ricing out my 96 GSR

    Im about to buy a 1996 Integra GSR. She pulls nice but i want her to kick scream and tear. The previous owner did not do anything to make her faster. What should I do to make her fast and loud? Also what would be some cheap things i could do to the body to make her look even sexier?
  2. 96 GSR Head/Intake

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Hey everybody! As you can guess I have a head and intake combo for sale. It is all factory but will need some machine work. the engine I got it from threw a rod and the piston touched the head. It should be fine with just some milling. I am asking $750 for the combo. I am in the Dallas, TX...
  3. 1998 Integra GSR

    Im looking for parts for my GSR Such as branded headers, front + back bumper etc. if you have any please lmk thanks
  4. 1996 Acura Integra GS-R for sale

    Cars For Sale
  5. New to this site & to Acura/Honda

    New Member Introductions
    I am paul. From Springfield,MO i just bought a 1995 Integra four door thats a 5 speed with a b18C1 gsr engine swap and i know a little about cars but not these cars for the most part. It was boosted and whoever did it was an idiot. there a few cut wires but didnt think anything of it cause the...
  6. Suspension Advice Needed for 2000 Integra GSR

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I recently bought a 2000 Acura Integra GSR. I'm rather new to this whole field as it's my first car. :uhh: It came with air ride suspension, but I'd like to take that out and put in some mid grade coil overs. Does anyone have any recommendations on any particular brands to look at or what price...
  7. HELP: Please identify the origin of this front bumper.

    Hi, Previous owner of this car said that he had changed the front bumper of 96 Integra GS-R just to make it look better. So I believe that the current front bumper is from some where else. What is the origin of this bumper? I forgot to ask the previous owner and it has been several years since...
  8. going boost !

    hi, I am going to turbo my integra gsr soon and i am still not sure what kind of setup i am going to run yet any suggestions on what parts or kits you recommend ? also i want to get stronger rods and lower compression pistons what brand would be the best to go with for them at a good price ...
  9. engine upgrades??

    All other Car discussions.
    i have a 1997 integra gs and i was wondering a few things, anyones opinion on the swap to a b16 head / intake manifold also anyother naturally aspirated power adders any input would be grteatly appreciated thanks!!
  10. 92 gsr engine to chassis ground wire shorted out

    Ask The Dealer
    Hi I have a 92 gsr and there was a wire going from the battery to a bolt under hood im assuming it was a ground wire for something but not sure what. It went from negative terminal to chassis. Anyway the other day i opened the hood and noticed that my intake filter was falling off, so i pushed...
  11. Acura Integra GSR

    Do It Yourself
    i have a problem with my integra. I heard a noise in the engine but i kept driving it. and after a while it would start any more. i dont know whats wrong with it. can anyone help???
  12. GSR cams

    Hey i would like to put a set of cams in my 95 Integra GSR but i am not sure witch ones to go with. I would like them to have some good power gains so i could have some fun at the track but i don't want something to crazy because its also gonna be my daily car, any suggestions?
  13. What would you do?? ;)

    Hey, I have a 95 Integra GSR, and i was planning on doing some work to it what is the best things i could do to this car for performance ( besides the usual bolt ons)...
  14. New to honda's could use some help.

    Hey, I just got a 95 Acura integra gsr. I do not know much about the vtec motors but i am looking to make the car faster. Where would be the best place to start / what would be the most "bang for my buck" when it comes to producing more power ?
  15. A/C parts out of 1996 Integra GSR

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    I got the compressor, condensor, dryer and all the lines. I line has a hole in it, it is one that conects at the firewall. parts just sitting, all worked fine when in car before line got hole from rubbing clamp for intake. I removed because car is now gutted to run SCCA racing, email me at...