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  1. Review: Best LEDs on the Market! Who Needs HIDs?!

    3rd Gen TL
    Hey guys, I'm an active user on (Frosty), but I figured I'd make an account on here to share this with all of you as well. First, here's a few pictures of my ride. My search for LEDs started after I became sick of the Nokya Hyper Yellow halogens that I had in both my upper...
  2. New oem HID bulb has yellow tint

    1st Gen RL
    I have a 2002 acura RL and recently replaced my passenger side headlight bulb because it shattered from getting ice off the headlight. I got the bulb straight from the Acura dealership. After installing the new bulb I was happy it worked and that I didn't damage anything else. But, I noticed it...
  3. help with aftermarket hid install on 2004 tl 3.2

    3rd Gen TL
    one of the ignitors and inverters went out on my headlights so instead of paying $300 dollars for the parts from acura i got the hook up and purchased a new hid kit for $60. YEAH!! but now i'm scratching my head not knowing where to start to install...:( I have installed on other vehicles but...
  4. 07 Type S HELP!!!! : (

    3rd Gen TL
    okay so i recently just bought some hids for my cousins foglights. and new bulbs for my headlights. he has a 2007 type s. and i went and i was installing my foglight hids and when i plugges the ballasts in and tried to see if it worked before tucking everything away. they didnt turn on.. so i...
  5. DIY - TSX (06) Headlight Housing Removal & HID Bulb Replacement

    Do It Yourself
    2006 Acura TSX I shipped my headlights AAC to have 8000K Oracle halos mounted on the high beams. I didn’t wire them up yet because I’m waiting for electrical supplies in the mail. The purpose of this thread is to document the work I did with the disassembly/reassembly, and then to cover the...