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  1. ILX
    Check this out if you like the ILX
  2. ILX
    I need specific information about tire and rim options for my 2014 ILX.* VIN# 19VDE1F34EE001766.* How small of a rim can I use and how large of a tire can I apply? The low profile tires don't ride well.* There are very few options for winter tires at the 17" rim size. Can the vehicle perform...
  3. ILX
    Sometimes when I plug my iPhone 5 into the USB port I get an error message on the navigation screen. I have 10,000 miles on my ILX and Acura is saying they don't know what the problem is and do not want to replace the system. Is anyone else having this issue??? Thank you!
  4. ILX
    This is going to be the third time I have had to take my new ILX back to the dealer and I've only owned it for 6 months. This time, I have noticed the black plastic strip that runs the length of the car on both sides of the roof is coming off. Is anyone else having this problem??
  5. Ask The Dealer
    This feels like a real dumb question, but going from a truck with oversized tires to the low profile tires on my new ILX Premium, I had to ask it. My assigned parking space where I live has a decent amount of standing water in it; almost up to the rims. It's going to keep raining all night and...
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1-6 of 6 Results