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  1. Hello! Newbie -- Integra Value Question

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All. Brand new here, forgive my ignorance if I have misplaced my question to follow. Last year I bought a 1994 Integra LS 4-Door 5-Speed Manual - for an absurdly low price (I know the guy, he just wanted to pay off his last storage bill and move back to England). I would say it is in very...
  2. Need troubleshooting and upgrade help

    Hello! Seeing as this is my first post I would like to thank all of the members on here for your help. I recently bought a 2001 Integra with 104,000 miles on it. I got a good deal and although there are some problems with it I think it was well worth what I paid. However there have been a few...
  3. Ricing out my 96 GSR

    Im about to buy a 1996 Integra GSR. She pulls nice but i want her to kick scream and tear. The previous owner did not do anything to make her faster. What should I do to make her fast and loud? Also what would be some cheap things i could do to the body to make her look even sexier?
  4. WTB - 3rd Gen Integra, Standard, 4dr

    Want To Buy
    Hey all, I'm new to this forum! I'm looking for my first car, and after what seems to be enough research, I've settled on shooting for a 3rd gen Integra. So, does anyone have one for sale in the New England area?
  5. Looking for a 3rd Gen 4dr Standard..

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the car hunt (and this forum) and I was looking for some advice. I want to get a first car, and it seems like I'm settling on a 3rd gen integra as my primary choice. The problem so far seems to be that a 4 door standard integra is..exceedingly rare. I was hoping to find...
  6. Code po420

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice you may give. Iv'e had my 2000 automatic Acura Integra LS for about six years now. It has 133,000 miles and I love it. Recently, the CE light came on. I had it read and the man at Autozone suggested a new O2 sensor. I bought one, but before I could...
  7. 94 Integra Puzzling Clutch Issue

    Hi there! The name's Lucas. Long time Acura Forum Reader, First Time Poster. SO. I installed a new clutch and slave cylinder on my 1994 Acura Integra, and after bleeding the clutch and driving it around for about a day, the clutch loses all tension and is unable to do anything. I've tried...
  8. 96 GSR Head/Intake

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Hey everybody! As you can guess I have a head and intake combo for sale. It is all factory but will need some machine work. the engine I got it from threw a rod and the piston touched the head. It should be fine with just some milling. I am asking $750 for the combo. I am in the Dallas, TX...
  9. SRS Light stays on after reset

    I recently purchased a 1997 Integra (love the car so much), and the SRS light has been on since I purchased it (no big deal). I just recently had time to start working on it, and found out how to reset it. So I reset the SRS light (it went correctly, blinked twice then turned off then I took...
  10. 2001 Acura GS wont pass smog

    Hello first off im sorry if this a a dumb question... my GF has a 2001 Acura Integra GS and a long time ago put an after market cold air intake. Well this year she has to do a smog and now it wont pass it because of the air intake she has.. Went to dealer and they want 800+ dollars for...
  11. 1993 Acura Integra GS (JDM Engine) For sale

    Cars For Sale
    Car is in fair condition. Was in the process of upgrading, but have been overseas for a long time, so it was kept with my friend. Have replacement seats, but they need a few mods to install. Engine/powertrain/suspension have been replaced. It runs good, but is a project car, unless you want to...
  12. New from Sanford, NC 93 Integra

    New Member Introductions
    Hey, how's it going? I am new from the Sanford, NC area. Have a 93 integra GS with 94 JDM motor and many mods. Trying to sell the car, and have been looking for a good place to get the word out.
  13. 1996 Acura Integra GS-R for sale

    Cars For Sale
  14. 1992 Acura Integra GS-R, stock, $2000

    Cars For Sale
    SOLD I am selling my stock white 1992 Integra GS-R. I live in Reston, VA and the car has 212k miles on it. It has just been sitting in my parking lot for the past year, so it is time for it to go. There are a few issues, as is true with most cars this old. Here are the current list of things...
  15. 1999 Acura Integra, 73k miles, $5750 OBO, Los Angeles

    Cars For Sale
    ***SOLD*** A great car in great shape. Only 72,600 miles. For sale by owner. Non-smoker. No previous owner. (more pictures / info below) Manufacturing Information Year: 1999 Make: Acura Model: Integra Mileage: 72,600 Body: Coupe Doors: 2 Seats: 4 Origin: Japan Assembly: Japan VIN...
  16. Help! Key locked out of ignition!

    Do It Yourself
    I drive a 95 Integra. Pretty much my car thinks the key is in the ignition but it's not. (the door beeps when it's open as I it is) I can only halfway put the key in the ignitionn, and the car will Switch between accessory, on and start but will not turn to lock. Anyone have any suggestions for...
  17. 94-01 Universal Shogun Style RW Spoiler w/ LED from Erebuni Aerodynamics

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    I am selling a 1994-2001 Universal Shogun Style RW Spoiler with LED Brake Light for a 1999-2001 Acura Integra. I used to own a 2000 Integra GS-R that I had to sell two years and never got to put on this front bumper, so now I am selling it and plus I could use the money for my upcoming wedding...
  18. 98-01 Meguiars Urethane Front Bumper

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    I am selling a 1998-2001 Meguiars Urethane front bumper for a 1998-2001 Acura Integra. I used to own a 2000 Integra GS-R that I had to sell two years and never got to put on this front bumper, so now I am selling it and plus I could use the money for my upcoming wedding. This Meguiars Urethane...
  19. InsideLine: Integra Will Live Again

    2011 Tokyo AutoShow: The Integra Will Live Again During a journalists' roundtable today with Honda CEO Takanobu Ito at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, the obvious highlight was the very last question. One of our colleagues asked Ito-san something like, well, Honda used to be known for its iconic...
  20. What oil to help offset burning?

    All other Car discussions.
    I just replaced my 99 GS-R engine after I busted a rod. After ~1,800 miles on the new engine I was losing so much oil pressure that the V-Tec would not kick in @ 5k rpm. I took it to my Acura dealer (who installed the engine that I found) and they said I am burning oil - ugh Off course the 30...