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  1. How to get to the Aux inputs?

    Just bought a 2008 MDX and two of the banana posts are broken off on the Aux Input panel on the center console.... the part is $150 not to even think about labor costs... so I am really good with speaker wiring stuff... so how do I get to the panel that hosts these connectors? How do I take the...
  2. 2001 CL Type S non-nav Bose- auxiliary input??

    2nd Gen CL
    I'm looking to add an auxiliary input to my factory bose radio with cd changer in dash so i can play my ipod...I dont want to upgrade my whole stereo, just play an ipod and control volume off of the steering wheel if possible. I've seen several references to Blitz harnesses, but I'm not sure if...
  3. 2003 TL NAV/Radio/Bluetooth Simple Questions

    2nd Gen TL
    Hey guys, i'm new and just a few simple questions. I have a 2003 TL with Navigation and stock radio (with 6 cd changer) I'm looking to add direct ipod integration as well as blue-tooth to my car. I read a bunch on the ipod integration threads but it seems like there is mixed thought on how to...
  4. Missing AUX input in 2004/2005 TSX???

    1st Gen TSX
    Hello everyone, this is delicate: today I wanted to attach simple iPod cable into my 2004/2005 TSX and I was terribly surprised. After unplugging the dash, there were NO inputs, no CD changer inputs, nothing described in most AUX devices like xcarlink and so. CD changer itself appears as single...
  5. 2003 TL Ipod Integration

    2nd Gen TL
    I've looked all over the forums, interwebs, and Ipod intergration vendors, and I've gotten a lot of mixed results about OEM Ipod intergration or setting up an AUX input adapter. There are a lot of adapters and such for the 2nd gen in general, but there's always a NOT Compatible with the 2003 for...
  6. 2006 TL Stereo / Nav Mods?

    3rd Gen TL
    I have a 2006 TL, no nav, and no mp3 / aux input jack, all factory default base. Great car, I've loved it for three years. However; I'd like to have in dash nav, and I'd like at least a mp3 jack so that I can ditch my crappy FM transmitter. I have the iphone 3gs if it matters; and I'm OK with...