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  1. Knuckle Replacement HELP!!!

    1st Gen RL
    Okay so here it is, this past weekend I got into a little fender bender you could say on the way home from a road trip. By fender bender, I mean fell asleep and hit a guard rail....... My knuckle on my 00' RL is bent completely in and is touching the shock :mad:. I am in the process of fixing...
  2. 01 TL Front wheel bearing replacement - anybody done this?

    2nd Gen TL
    My wife's 01 TL is eating front brake rotors. Up till now I've just been buying smooth OEM replacements. They go bad within 6 months to a year, warping like potato chips so bad that the steering wheel shimmies like crazy. Last time I tried Brembo discs, same result. I just ordered a really nice...