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  1. 1st Gen RL
    I'm trying to replace my blinkers with LEDs, but I can't find the flasher relay to replace with an LED relay, unless the car has some special relay like on a ford escort?
  2. 2nd Gen TL
    My UA5 2nd gen TL needs a new ballast for the passenger side HID. My low beam has been out for 6 months, and it makes the car a huge cop magnet. Even if I buy a generic part online and do the work myself, it's still gonna be more money and time than it's worth, especially if the driver side...
  3. 3rd Gen TL
    Hey guys, I'm an active user on (Frosty), but I figured I'd make an account on here to share this with all of you as well. First, here's a few pictures of my ride. My search for LEDs started after I became sick of the Nokya Hyper Yellow halogens that I had in both my upper...
1-3 of 3 Results