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  1. I'm John 1988 Acura Legend need to sell cheap

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've owned this car for about 15 years, Love its engineering. But have to sell it now. I will miss it. Good motor. Runs great. And have been active previously in Legend forum. Couple things it needs: Shocks, Engine mount and of course needs paint, the overcoat peeling. The interior is good...
  2. 1994 LEGEND

    Cars For Sale
    I have to let my Legend go. She needs some work (that's why so cheap) but if you stick 2K into this beast you will be the happy and proud owner of the best sedan Acura ever made.

    Want To Buy
    Looking for an OEM (NOT aftermarket or rebuilt) drive axle from a 91-95 Legend to use for parts. Coupe or sedan, manual or auto trans, doesn't matter. Low miles is a plus. Driver's side axle is preferred, but a passenger side would also work. Only need parts from the inboard joint, so that boot...
  4. Acura: Birth of a Legend

    1st Gen Legend
    Acura: The Birth of a Legend The buzz at the Montreal Auto Show’s press day 25 years ago in January was all about the arrival in Canada of a just-launched Japanese luxury brand that had already created a Legend. Up to that time Canadians contemplating a luxury car were limited to offerings...
  5. 88' Legend Breaks!!! HELP!!!

    1st Gen Legend
    okay new to forums...but i thought i would turn here and ask for some help to find out what is wrong with my breaks on my 88' acura legend! Ok so here is whats happening.. The breaks work, but when i come to a stop the break pedal goes to the floor, and the car begins to roll. When...
  6. Honda to Stop Selling Legend in Japan

    3rd Gen RL
    Does this mean the end of the RL or perhaps it will become an Acura exclusive instead of a rebadge? Honda to Scrap 2 Models Globally & Gas Run Civic in Japan July 16 - Honda Motor Co <7267.T> would stop selling two of its longstanding brands and phase out the gas-powered Civic in its...
  7. 1987 Acura Transmission Problem.

    1st Gen Legend
    I have a 1987 Acura Legend Coupe L 2.7l v6 automatic when i got the car the guy said it had 20,000 on the newly built transmission. but shortly after the trany started slipping from first gear right to 3rd i would have to put into into second manually. that happened for about a couple months...
  8. Luxury Car Report: 2010 Week Long Test Drive

    3rd Gen RL
    Week-Long Test Drive: 2010 Acura RL Brings Divine Comfort to Affordable Super-Luxury Sometimes after a long, hard and invariably stressful day at the office you just want to get into a car that will cosset and calm you on your drive home. Divinely smooth ride comfort is the order of the day...
  9. Acura Rep: RL Not Going Anywhere

    3rd Gen RL
    Acura Rethinks Flagship w/ ZDX Moniker; RL Still Has its Place By Christie Schweinsberg, Aug 21, 2009 8:00 AM ROCHESTER, MI – American Honda Motor Co. Inc.’s premium Acura brand says the RL sedan still has a place in its lineup, though monthly sales have fallen to a mere 100...