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  1. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    I'm driving my 2005 TL and the transmission just stop working, when I press the clutch all the way I can't move the shifter, it won't go into any other gear, its stuck in 1st, I had to call a tow truck, any help??
  2. 1st Gen CL
    Hi I recently lost my passenger side mirror due to a close encounter with a post. Does anyone one of any aftermarket mirrors that will fit my Acura CL 97 2.2 manual transmission? I could not find the part in any junkyard and is a good excuse to put some new mirrors. Thanks for looking
  3. Cars For Sale
    I purchased this summer at an Acura re-marketing event in Ohio at auction with only 11K miles on it and have put mostly highway miles on it since, serviced only by McDavid Acura in Austin since then. I currently have 30124 miles on it, but that figure changes daily. There is absolutely nothing...
  4. Cars For Sale
    I am selling my baby: an '04 Acura TL. Manual transmissions are very rare on this vehicle--less than 5%. Rare color combination as well--black over parchment (dark tan). Vehicle has 1674XX miles but runs great. My last Acura had over 304k+ miles on it when I sold it, so I expect this one to get...
  5. Integra
    My friend just got a 1994 Integra with 65,000 miles. The clutch works smoothly and the transmission shifts perfectly. However, the last two mornings, the transmission would not go into any gear once the engine was started. The shifter worked fine when the engine was not running. Yesterday...
1-5 of 5 Results