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  1. Integra
    Hello! Seeing as this is my first post I would like to thank all of the members on here for your help. I recently bought a 2001 Integra with 104,000 miles on it. I got a good deal and although there are some problems with it I think it was well worth what I paid. However there have been a few...
  2. CSX / EL
    Hello guys, I'm shopping Magnaflow muffler #14325 (hopefully) for my CSX base. Anyone knows the dimensions for the muffler, things like inlet and outlet diameter? Thanks in advance.
  3. Want To Buy
    Hey, I want to swap the exhaust system of my 2002 Accord with 2002 CL-S. That's why I am looking for 2002 Acura CL type S exhaust pipe and mufflers. I live in Hudson County, New Jersey. I can pick up if you are close by. Regards,
1-3 of 3 Results