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  1. what do you listen to most often in your TL?

    3rd Gen TL
    We all know our TLs have a great sound system and are a ton of fun to cruise around in. So, what is everyone's favorite type of music to listen to in their car. I personally like BPM on XM, dance/trance/techno and anything with a good bass line. Sometimes rap or r&b is good too though. Let's...
  2. Code Error on Acura Stereo in a VW

    so i have an 1984 VW Rabbit with a unknown year or model Acura tape deck in it. The battery on my car died so the stereo with into anti-theft protection mode. I bought this car off some guy and the 5-digit code was not included with the car and since it is not from the original car, i cannot...