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  1. Bought navi from ebay, i was having some issues

    2nd Gen TL
    I have a 2002 acura tls with navi. Ok, so first my issue with my old navy was that I was unable to put more than 3 letters in the street name or city name while looking for street. It would just freeze. I can use previous destinations just fine with no issues. So I figured buying one off of...
  2. Acura TSX 2005 (with Navi) - Compatible with Pioneer AVIC8100NEX

    1st Gen TSX
    Hi - Can someone guide how can I install "Pioneer AVIC8100NEX" into Acura TSX 2005 (with Navi). thanks Z
  3. SELLING my 2005 TL

    Cars For Sale
    Hi All, I now have too many cars and not enough room. Regretfully selling my TL. Fully loaded with NAVI and in great condition. Rebuilt Transmission one year and 25K ago. New battery all new tires and remote start. All else is stock. One non smoking owner since new and all dealer service...
  4. 2014 Acura RLX Base/Navi Interior

    After owning 2 Lexi, my parents are wanting to switch to Acura & are trying to decide between a 2014 RLX & MDX. I tried to convince them to get the Top-of-the-Line Advance Package just-cause but they are more interested in the Navi Package because they want a white exterior with black interior...
  5. Upgrade 2010 tl base radio

    New Member Introductions
    First time owner of Japanese car. Whole life buying american. Glad I made the switch. I love my 2010 Acura TL 3.5 base. But not happy with the Radio. I got used to the NAVI, backup camera and DVD on my 2006 Chrysler 300C hemi. I had too many electrical problems with that car. I'm hoping to...
  6. Navi wont zoom to street level after upgrade to 4.92 on 2007 MDX

    After upgrading my navi from US 4.63 to 4.92 on my 2007 MDX, the magnification will now only zoom in to 80m, however, previously, I was able to zoom in even further to a much more detailed degree. At the current closest magnification I can only see major streets but can no longer drill down to...
  7. 07 TL-S Navi Reboot on braking

    3rd Gen TL
    A small video file demonstration is attached. I have a 2007 TL-S. For a while now I have the intermittant problem that occurs when either I hit the brake or shift out of park. The symptoms of the problem are that the navi system reboots AND the dash closk display goes blank. Both come back...
  8. Missing AUX input in 2004/2005 TSX???

    1st Gen TSX
    Hello everyone, this is delicate: today I wanted to attach simple iPod cable into my 2004/2005 TSX and I was terribly surprised. After unplugging the dash, there were NO inputs, no CD changer inputs, nothing described in most AUX devices like xcarlink and so. CD changer itself appears as single...
  9. FS: Acura Honda Navigation update for 2009 (4.73)

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Hi Folks! I have the new 4.73 (WHITE) navigation update for honda and acura models! My price is $160 shipped to your door. This is not a copy, but a 100% original disc from the manufacturer. PM for details!