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  1. Heat not working on my Acura TL 2006

    3rd Gen TL
    The heater has stopped working on my car. The seat heaters work fine, and I am not 100% sure if the rear defrost is working. The AC works fine, but no matter what temperature I set it at (I tried 75 with no AC on) and it just blows cold air. With the AC on, I can eventually defog the...
  2. Radio not working

    3rd Gen TL
    I need some help please. I'm not very familiar with Acuras. My wife drives a 3rd gne TL and last week she spilled a coke on the lower part of the dash from the cassete controls down. Intire navi/sound system has been acting up lately. Now navi works but no audio at all. Checked fuse #5 in...