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  1. need transmission help(surprise surprise)04 odyssey trans in 2000 tl

    2nd Gen TL
    Hopefully i can get some advice here cause i didnt get much from some other sites.I have a 2000 3.2tl and i was able to buy a low mileage transmission from a 2004 odyssey but the heaters on top of trans are different and i dont believe i can put the tl heater on the ody trans.Is there someway...
  2. 2005-2007 RL Recall on the Way

    2nd Gen RL
    Toyota Recalling 1.53 Million Cars Globally TOKYO – Toyota is recalling 1.53 million Lexus, Avalon and other models, mostly in the U.S. and Japan, for brake fluid and fuel pump problems, the latest in a string of quality lapses for the world's No. 1 automaker. Toyota Motor Corp. said Thursday...
  3. Honda Odyssey: Lowest to Insure

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    2010 Honda Odyssey: Lowest Cost to Insure among MiniVans The 2010 Honda Odyssey has the highest entry price of the mainstream minivans, yet it costs the least to insure. This tidbit comes as just another reminder that the cost of a model—even the cost of fixing that model—doesn't matter...
  4. 2011 Honda Odyssey

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    Honda Odyssey Concept Revealed Coming this Fall Honda today gave us the first look at the next-generation of its award-winning Odyssey minivan with the new Honda Odyssey Concept, which is on display at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. Unlike previous Odyssey models, the new Odyssey Concept shows...