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  1. General Acura Discussion
    I have a 2020 RDX, noticing its consuming over 1qt by 7k miles. I'm an old dude...Had alot of cars, trucks, tractors, boat engines, etc over the years, used to rebuild engines. Outside of a old Monza i had in the 80's with a Vega engine, leaking valve covers, rings gone, etc..i've NEVER had a...
  2. All other Car discussions.
    I just replaced my 99 GS-R engine after I busted a rod. After ~1,800 miles on the new engine I was losing so much oil pressure that the V-Tec would not kick in @ 5k rpm. I took it to my Acura dealer (who installed the engine that I found) and they said I am burning oil - ugh Off course the 30...
1-2 of 2 Results