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  1. RDX
    I have a 2020 RDX, noticing its consuming over 1qt by 7k miles. I'm an old dude...Had alot of cars, trucks, tractors, boat engines, etc over the years, used to rebuild engines. Outside of a old Monza i had in the 80's with a Vega engine, leaking valve covers, rings gone, etc..i've NEVER had a...
  2. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    My 04 acura tl poured out oil after a short 1 mile trip. While it was parked practically all the oil poured out while I was away for an hour. I was able to make it back home fine with no noises or warning lights. After inspecting the vehicle, the only traces of oil were on the tie rod. I removed...
  3. 2nd Gen TL (1998-2003)
    I have a 1999 TL with 160,000 miles. I mainly work on older cars like pre 1980. I know how to do most things on older cars and I want to change the trans fluid myself on the TL. I was told all I have to do is pull the plug, drain the fluid and refill with 3.1 qts. Is there a filter to change...
  4. Integra
    Hi. I'm a bit confused on non-synthetic oil grades to use in my 2000 Acura Integra SE [1.8 litre with A/C], non-VTEC. The oil filler label recommends 5w30, people have been recommending 5w20, but I wanna know if 10w30 will harm the engine?
  5. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    im considering buying a 3rd generation TL possibly an 07 or 08, im a bit of a do it yourselfer when it comes to minor maintenance. So before i buy one i thought id ask the guys who own them. my questions may sound dumb, but many new cars make it difficult to do the minor stuff by yourself...
  6. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    I could really use some feedback from the forum: Bought my 06' TL certified from an Acura dealership in Illinois. They noted an oil change during inspection and I just had my 3rd one done since I bought the car in December 09'. So technically it has had 4 oil changes done at the same Acura...
  7. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    Hey guys, I was just wondering what type of oil you put in your TLs. I like to use 5W-20 full synthetic and I'm at 60k miles.
1-7 of 7 Results