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  1. Integra
    I have a 1989 Integra LS with a blown head gasket due to overheating issue, so the mechanic says. He has sent it out for whatever has to be done to repair the car. BUT, can someone here with proper knowledge about such things, please tell me what *else* may need to be done at the same time so...
  2. 1st Gen RL
    Hello everyone I Crashed into an ice/snow wall created by plows. Messed up front bumper and smashed some plastic compartment underneath the air box on the passenger side. What is that and how important is it to replace? Also the car overheats now so i dont drive it, I checked my radiator and...
  3. 1st Gen CL
    ok guys, i have read tons of posts about this, many close to my prob but not right on. i will try and give all info i can. my cl is overheating after a long run when i come to a stop or sit in traffic. both fans come on when ac is on. i have replaced thermo and cap, flushed and bled the air...
  4. Integra
    To start, I thought I had a overheating problem and read the previous posts in this forum for possible solutions (thermostat, fan relay, air in radiator, etc..). Turns out my fans don't kick in until the temp gauge is in the "OH SH*T" range. :eek: So my question is how do I adjust the setting...
1-4 of 4 Results