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  1. 2005 TL new rear Pads and Rotors

    Do It Yourself
    I just got back from the dealer and found out that my rear brakes are due for replacement. What are good reasonably priced pads and rotors that don't generate a lot of dust? I was thinking about doing the job myself, I have replaced pads and rotors on my previous cars. Is there anything that...
  2. 3rd Gen TL - New OEM Front Brake Pads

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Brand new, never installed set of front brake pads for 3rd gen TL (2004-2008). Part # 45022-SEP-A01 Still in box with little MOLYKOTE packet. Box has been opened, but just so my friend could look at them. Long story short: Thought I needed them for my '06, but don't. $55 shipped (UPS Ground)...