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  1. Super Fast Acura TSX - High Performance!

    Do It Yourself
    SEE ATTACHMENT FOR SPECS ON TSX looking to purchase this tsx, its got it all. when I went to test drive, all gears seemed fine except 6 was tough and 5th gear was extremely hard to get into. the car runs about 3500-4000 rpm to run smooth. ive had someone tell me it probably needs a serious...
  2. New '08 CSX

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2008 Acura CSX. I am looking to make into a performance car. I have no previous knowledge of import cars. Seeing how the last car I built was a 1979 chevy el camino. If you can give me any insight into the popular brands for turbos, or superchargers and chips etc...
  3. Need help with aftermarket part selection for my 4th gen TL

    4th Gen TL
    Hey guys. I'm new to Acuraworld and well, Acura in general. Just got my license and my '10 SH-AWD TL back 3 months ago and me being the testosterone fueled 17 yr old guy that I am, naturally I want to add some aftermarket parts to my baby. Only thing is though, I'm really confused with which...
  4. Infiniti Performance Line

    All other Car discussions.
    Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) is Coming this Year Hot on the heels of the recent revelation that Infiniti is working on a duo of new G-based vehicles slated to debut at this year's Pebble Beach extravaganza, we've come across a trademark filing by Nissan North America for "IPL." What's IPL...