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  1. High Output Alternator - Canadian Teg vs. ?

    Hey guys!! So I got a crazy question about H/O alty's. I dropped a rather hefty sound system in my '96 SE, and the nightmare of not having enough power arose very quickly. I've been doing some research on purchasing a H/O alty for it and came across a notice on almost all alternator sales...
  2. Acura #2 in J.D. Powers Initial Quality Study

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    J.D. Power 2010 Initial Quality Study 1st Time Ever Domestics Lead Imports J.D. Power and Associates has released its 2010 Initial Quality Study (IQS) and Porsche has earned back the top spot that was occupied by Lexus in last year's study. The annual J.D. Power study measures IQS based on...
  3. 1993 Acura Intagra GS 5spd Full partout

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    i am fully parting out a 93 integra gs lmk what you guys need:paranoid:
  4. 2010 J. D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study

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    Porsche & Lincoln Climb to Top of J.D. Power 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study J.D. Power and Associates has just released its 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS)... and Porsche, Lincoln and Buick have climbed on the podium (Buick, Jaguar and Lexus occupied the top spots in last year's...
  5. HELP!!! '05 TL, radio wont come on after battery died

    :bigcry:Battery went dead yesterday, got a jump, Navi came on and asked for a code I put that in, then pressed the power button for Radio expecting it to ask for a code, but nothing. It was working fine previously, not nothing, wont even come on so I can enter the code. Really dont want to pay...