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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've owned this car for about 15 years, Love its engineering. But have to sell it now. I will miss it. Good motor. Runs great. And have been active previously in Legend forum. Couple things it needs: Shocks, Engine mount and of course needs paint, the overcoat peeling. The interior is good...
  2. Vigor
    We've had a lovely Vigor GS as part of our family since 92 and as much as we love her, now it may well be time to let her go. :( As the other Vigor owners on this forum surely know, this model was a classic of it's time - perhaps a little quirky and misunderstood by those who were not...
  3. 1st Gen RL (1996-2004)
    I need advice. MY 97 RL with 180,000 miles has mad lights on (engine), ABS, Traction control, and does not *really* pass inspection any more. Should I sell it to my mechanic for $500 and just let go of it? I am soooo mad that NY State makes it impossible to pass the emissions test with this...
1-3 of 6 Results