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  1. Starter 94 Integra

    Do It Yourself
    I have a 94 Integra and I think the starter solenoid is going bad. My question is, do I need to replace the starter or is there a quicker less expensive fix? Perhaps you are familiar with older Fords where the solenoid is seperate, something like that is what I am looking for. Excuse me if I am...
  2. After Accident Advice

    3rd Gen TL
    I have an '06 TL w/165K miles, car was parked & hit in the driver front quarter panel by a UPS truck. Thought damage was all cosmetic, as I was able to drive home, BUT, the next morning, after a brief drive the car wouldn't start! I know the starter is old, but could the impact have sent the...
  3. Issues with starting my car on random days!! HELP!

    Ask The Dealer
    I was wondering if anyone can help answer my problem first before I actually try to fix the problem and it not be the problem. Sooo, some more ideas would help! thanks. Well, my acura rsx has been acting up...strangely. On random days whenever it wants'll crank and not turn over. Some...