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stereo upgrade

  1. Hello Forum...New Acura Owner of 2006 TL

    New Member Introductions
    Hello to the members of the forum. I am the proud new owner of my first Acura...a 2006 TL with Nav. I've owned a Honda 1980 Accord in the past...well, several decades ago and recently decided to "try" an Acura. Recently found a 2006 TL for sale from a non-Acura dealership that was a one-owner...
  2. Factory installed XM antenna with aftermarket stereo

    I changed the factory installed XM/radio with an aftermarket (Alpine) stereo with XM tuner. I'm using the antenna that came with the radio kit until I can figure out how to connect it into the factory installed antenna. I think it should be behind the glove compartment under the right side...
  3. All these kickers and all i got was this lousy bass.

    3rd Gen TL
    my problem: i cant find an in dash stereo kit anywhere. I want to take out the stock stereo and put in a new one along with a new amp and subwoofer. i already upgraded all of my other speakers, but i thought it pointless to change out the stock sub since it wouldnt make sense to get a new amp...
  4. Remove Dash on 98 3.2 TL

    1st Gen TL
    Hi everyone. I'm pretty certain I have a dead blower motor. No heat, no AC. All I get is blow-through when the car is moving very fast. To get to the blower, I have to remove the dash. To anyone who has done this, how tough/easy is it? I've done simple maintenance on the vehicle: change spark...