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  1. Help please...Sub/Amp/Line output converter Install

    Alright Long story short Trying to install my new sub and amp (Kenwood X500-1 eXcelon Mono Digital Power Amplifier) and i dont know where to put the line output converter (Pac-SNI 35). I already bypassed the stock amp under the seat and now i dont really know where to go. Can anyone help me get...
  2. 96 3.5 RL Subwoofer/amp installation

    1st Gen RL
    Hello, first off, i have to yet to purchase anything, however i do want to install a sub woofer for my 1996 Acura 3.5 RL. I'm not 100 percent sure on what i need to get or do in order to actually be able to do this, but i believe i will need not only the sub, but also an amp, a high lo converter...
  3. The Clear difference Auxiliary Cable inlet under subwoofer??

    3rd Gen TL
    On my way home from work today I heard a rattle where my subwoofer is. After taking the headliner off in my trunk I found this: **** I guess I cant post URLS until I made 15 posts **** I added this photo to my album if you don't mind checking**** Is this aftermarket? When I follow the wire up...
  4. 2002 RSX Subwoofer help

    Im sure this has been asked a ton but I have an 02 RSX and want to put a subwoofer and amp in but am unsure as to where I should do that, so if you have a link to pictures that would be great, any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I am looking to replace the stock speakers, should i get...
  5. custom sub box

    Do It Yourself
    I've owned a few honda's (an accord and a civic) but purchased my first Acura a few days ago. I now own a 2003 Acura TL. It's a pretty snazzy ride, especially compared to my previous 96 accord. Anywho, I'm wanting to build an equally nice subwoofer enclosure for 2 10" Kicker L5's. The box...
  6. Radio Help

    2nd Gen TL
    I'm sure there are a million posts about the stock sub but here is another one. I am installing a component system with an amp and i was wondering if it was possible to connect the stock sub? i havent tried but i know there are a lot of posts about the sub being wierd and this and that...