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  1. RSX
    I swapped my interior from beige to black and after reattaching all the wires but before securing the dash, I tried the electrics and everything was working fine. I was so exciting that I forgot to start the car. Either way. About 20 minutes later I tried the electrics again and to start the car...
  2. OEM Parts and Accessories
    Hi I have been sitting on a NSX engine for quite some time now. Run into some financial problems and i need to get rid of it now. This is a complete engine and trans. It is ready for a full swap. Very clean very smooth. Email me if interested.
  3. 1st Gen TSX (2004-2008)
    Whats up Anybody know where I can look to find prices on a JDM CL7 Euro R motor and ECU? I'm thinking about doing a swap with my TSX motor next year.
  4. RSX
    So I like the way the RSX performs, but it just needs more torque. I hate the idea of turbo/supercharging because I believe engine blocks that werent designed for forced induction are not strong enough for those applications. A naturally aspirated engine with the same horsepower but more torque...
1-4 of 4 Results