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  1. Temp gauge not working coming down Mtn Pass

    1st Gen RL
    Coming down from 2 passes in CO the other day, and my temperature gauge went all the way to cold (like I just started it). A little after leveling out and using the throttle again the gauge would slowly begin to creep back up to near normal operating temp. It was not extremely cold out...
  2. My heat needs to chill out!

    3rd Gen TL
    Hi all- New here, posting a question for my dad. He recently purchased a 2005 TL with 25k miles on it. Ever since it started getting cold, he's noticed some sort of a "glitch" in the heat controls. I checked it out and here's what I found: The heat will blow out full hot until you turn the...
  3. Overheating, not really

    To start, I thought I had a overheating problem and read the previous posts in this forum for possible solutions (thermostat, fan relay, air in radiator, etc..). Turns out my fans don't kick in until the temp gauge is in the "OH SH*T" range. :eek: So my question is how do I adjust the setting...
  4. Ambient Temperature Sensor Inaccuate

    2nd Gen TL
    I just replaced the ambient temp sensor on my 2003 registers 78 today and it's about 91 out! Is there anything else to there a way to reset a computer or something? The sensor seems to work when it's colder out, but when it gets over 80 it usually is way off...