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  1. swapping tire sizes - Acura 2013 RDX

    Was wondering if swapping from the standard 235/60R18 to 225/55R18 would work on the rim, please?
  2. 2014 ILX tires and rims

    I need specific information about tire and rim options for my 2014 ILX.* VIN# 19VDE1F34EE001766.* How small of a rim can I use and how large of a tire can I apply? The low profile tires don't ride well.* There are very few options for winter tires at the 17" rim size. Can the vehicle perform...
  3. Snow Tires and Rims 205/60 R16 - $299

    Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    Set of four snow tires and rims, used for 2 winters in the Worcester, MA area. Rial Milano rims/wheels, Altimax Arctic tires 205/60R16, with a 5 bolt pattern. I bought these for a 2003 Acura 3.2 CL-S which I no longer own. My loss is your gain - get them before the next snow storm!
  4. Northeast Track Days 2014 Schedule

    Take it to the track!
    Northeast Track Days REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR ALL 2014 EVENTS!!! Welcome to Northeast Track Days. We're a new and exciting group whose main goal is to maximize the FUN factor on and off the track throughout the entire day. We offer a unique instructor / novice training program as well as open...
  5. 2006 RL tech package tires Need Help ASAP

    2nd Gen RL
    So I'm really new to this site, and I'm sure this has been talked about before but I'm in a tight bind and need some fast insight. I have a 2006 RL with technology package and I punctured a tire, dealer says they can't patch it and need to buy a new tire, and when I did my initial research I...
  6. Parking in standing water

    Ask The Dealer
    This feels like a real dumb question, but going from a truck with oversized tires to the low profile tires on my new ILX Premium, I had to ask it. My assigned parking space where I live has a decent amount of standing water in it; almost up to the rims. It's going to keep raining all night and...
  7. Acura Rims and Michelin Tires!

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink
    Acura Rims and Michelin Tires!!!!!!!! Selling tires and rims due to 2004 Acura RSX being sold. Rims are in good condition, some small scratches but overall in pretty good shape. Tires are in good condition, estimated to have no more than 10,000 miles on them. Tires are Michelin Radial XSE...
  8. Tire Cables for 03 TL type s

    2nd Gen TL
    Going skiing this year in the TL-s and checking out tire cables. I know the manual says don't put them on, but I talked to the service advisor at the dealer and he said it was OK. Did some research and came up with the following: SCC Super Z6 SZ133 Any recommendations for them or any other...
  9. Acura TL Type-S OEM wheels and tires for sale - $1400 for set of 4

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Set of four '07 - '08 Acura TL Type-S OEM wheels and tires for sale. 95% threadlife. Wheels are in great condition. Bridgestone Potenza 235/45/17 93W TPMS included, center caps included, sold as a set of 4 $1400 for all 4 (or make me an offer) Contact me for photos as it won't let me post them...
  10. Tires for a 05 Acura TL . whats the best ?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey yall, its my first car and its time to buy new tires. is there really a big difference between bridgestone and michelin and firestone? car has 38,000 miles and it automatic. plus. who else has a TL 04 -08 model? id like to see if its hooked up. thankss
  11. 19" RDX Chrome Like Rims For Sale

    OEM Parts and Accessories
  12. For Sale: TR Motrosport Rims & Pirelli tires for 2006 RL

    Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    For Sale: TR Motorsport Rims & Pirelli Tires for 2006 RL The tires are 245/45R18 Pirellis PZero Nero M+S Ultra-High Performance All Season Radials. They’ve got a 96 V load/speed rating (149 mph). The tires had 11/32” tread depth when new, and they have a little over 8/32” (about 75%) remaining...
  13. 4 NEW 19" Nankang NS-II All-Season Performance 245/35ZR19 Tires $400

    Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    I got a set of brand-spankin-new Nankang NS-II Ultra Sport, All-Season Performance, bought them a little while back but never got them mounted, they still have all the stickers on them and tied in pairs. I paid like $500 plus shipping, asking $400 for all 4! Nankang is the next...
  14. Winter or All-Season tires for TL SH AWD

    4th Gen TL
    Good Evening, I'm getting winter tires for my TS SH-AWD because the summer tires with it are dangerously low on traction in any snow or ice. It is so bad that my front-wheel-drive RSX Type S and my 2000 4Runner Limited in rear-wheel-drive mode both get better forward traction than the TL does...
  15. Good tires for 'winter weather' that are ALL SEASON? '04 TSX

    1st Gen TSX
    I'm wondering if anyone out there can recommend the best 'bad weather' (rain/snow/ice) tires that are still in the ALL SEASON category. I've had Michelin Pilots and the performance in New England weather is poor. Best if they aren't too expensive, but I'll take all recommends. Thanks! Acura...
  16. WIDER, Quieter tires for '04 TL?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    My biggest gripe with my TL is the relatively harsh, noisy ride, and it is not even the A-spec. I have the stock 235/45/17 Turanza EL42s. I will be needing tires soon, and wonder : a) What are the quietest quality all season tires? Pilots? b) If I go wider, say 245/45/17 or 255/40/17...
  17. 04 RSX Wheels and tires for sale $200 obo

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    I have some OEM wheels and tires from my sister's 04 Acura RSX. They are 205/55/r16 and are in great condition. I live in Helena AL so if you are near and interested email me at [email protected] Thanks.
  18. WTB 15" or 16" rims

    Want To Buy
    not looking to spend anymore than 300. 15" preferably but will consider 16" for a 1994 acura integra ls. thanks let me know if you have anything!