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  1. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    This is how you install and amp and subs into the factory radio in the 3G Acura TL Type S.
  2. 4th Gen TL (2009-2014)
    Hey guys, So i'm new to the forum, but have browsed quite a bit. I'm currently a student looking for a new car to drive to professional school in the fall. My parents/I have narrowed it down to a 2009 acura tl (tech package, 2wd) with 71xxx miles, or a 2013 accord lx with 34xxx miles. Both...
  3. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    hello there fellow Acura Owners, so ive been in an accident recently, and i was looking for parts for my car. what i need is an engine crossmember, engine mounts, both control arms. basically all the parts that hold the engine together. so what i did was i called the acura dealership in my...
1-3 of 3 Results