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  1. need transmission help(surprise surprise)04 odyssey trans in 2000 tl

    2nd Gen TL
    Hopefully i can get some advice here cause i didnt get much from some other sites.I have a 2000 3.2tl and i was able to buy a low mileage transmission from a 2004 odyssey but the heaters on top of trans are different and i dont believe i can put the tl heater on the ody trans.Is there someway...
  2. 03 MDX Different Transmission Issues Need Pro Please

    Ask The Dealer
    I own a couple of auto-repair shops and have worked as a tech for many years prior. I have an 03 MDX, 85,000 Miles. I purchased it Recently (2 Months or so). The Transmission is acting Up a little. Its not the Torque Converter Shutter at 30-40 mph. It may be beginning stages of TC Wear...