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  1. VSA/ECPS Help!

    2nd Gen RL
    Hello!! I have an 06 RL, I absolutely love my car! I just had a bunch of work done to the car. I had a rebuilt transmission put in, new front brakes, new rims and tires and an oil change. Everything is working great, except I have a few lights on in the cluster. I have the Exclamation point...
  2. 97 Acura 2.5TL Shifting Symptoms

    1st Gen TL
    Good day everyone, I am posting this because I have searched several forums an have not found these symptoms or a fix so, here we go. I have a 1997 Acura 2.5TL with 175,300 miles on it. After the vehicle warms up, the car fails to shift at the correct points. This is especially noticeable at...
  3. Transmission issue in 2008 Acura TL

    3rd Gen TL
    I am having transmission issue in my 2008 Acura TL(110k miles). I took it to Acura dealer and they told me replace with a new transmission which may cost around $5000. I then took it to another mechanic which quoted $1800 for installing a used transmission($1000 for used transmission and fluids...
  4. 2000 Acura RL 3.5 Transmission Problems

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, this is mtownlefty my first thread and I have a very serious problem that I hope someone can help me with. I own a 2000 Acura RL 3.5 with 179,000 miles and I take very good care of my car. The other day I was driving about 40 mph going up a slight hill when I lost all pulling...
  5. 2005 Acura TL 150K- Transmission Issue *ONLY WHEN COLD*

    3rd Gen TL
    I have a 2005 Acura TL with 150K. I had my 3rd gear completely replaced and all gaskets replaced in 2011. The issue I am having is that my transmission acts up really bad when the engine is cold. Once the engine is warm, the car really drives like a dream. I have been letting it warm up for...

    3rd Gen TL
  7. '99 Acura RL - ATF Change: Way high on the dipstick, drain pan empty

    1st Gen RL
    Hey Folks! I did an ATF change and evidently put in way too much fluid down the dipstick tube. I'd say a smidge over a quart came out (very brown) and I put in 3 quarts per EricTheCarGuy on youtube. I took it for a spin and it felt okay in the first couple gears. To check the level, I got the...
  8. Cost of both differentials and transmission fluid change

    I went to the dealership today to get an oil change. My 2013 RDX currently has 29,693 miles on it. The dealership wanted $149.00 a piece for all three which comes to a little under $450.00 for the total work. I did not want to do it today because I wanted to do a little research first. Does this...
  9. 02 3.2TL Randomly shifting up&down..

    2nd Gen TL
    Hi, I have an 02 3.2 TL, Was driving today and all of a sudden would hard down shift than back to normal. short time later, same thing just more violent and then the D5 started flashing and wouldn't shift out of 2nd...tranny never slipped ANYONE have an idea??
  10. my buddy's '92 Vigor gs transmission issues, any suggestions?

    My buddy messaged me on facebook regarding his '92 Vigor GS. He is proud of the car and loves it but is having a tranny issue right now. Plz read the below text he sent me and give me some input? Would b much appreciated. He doesn't often have 'net access so I'm trying 2 help him out. I've...
  11. NSX full engine swap

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Hi I have been sitting on a NSX engine for quite some time now. Run into some financial problems and i need to get rid of it now. This is a complete engine and trans. It is ready for a full swap. Very clean very smooth. Email me if interested.
  12. New Acura owner, questions regarding tranny and baro sensor

    1st Gen CL
    Hello all, I just bought a 1999 CL 3.0 (222k on the clock) for a song. It runs really strong, great gas millage, plenty of power, shifts smooth, but has a few issues I'm prepared to deal with, such as catalytic converter, ABS and brake light, and maybe a bad blower motor (Heat and A/C dont...
  13. 03 MDX - neutrals in right turns when cold. WEIRD

    2003 acura MDX AWD. Intermittent Problem. When cold sometimes when take right-hand turn car will neutral out. Engine revs and vehicle loses pull. Can be corrected by almost any action; 1. shift to neutral or any lower gear and back to D and car starts pulling 2. turn engine off and on...
  14. 2012 MDX Click sound at 40 KPH

    Anyone hear a click when reaching 40 kph from a cold start? I notice this recently on my 2012 MDX with about 1900 km.
  15. Help with changing the trans fluid

    2nd Gen TL
    I have a 1999 TL with 160,000 miles. I mainly work on older cars like pre 1980. I know how to do most things on older cars and I want to change the trans fluid myself on the TL. I was told all I have to do is pull the plug, drain the fluid and refill with 3.1 qts. Is there a filter to change...
  16. Transmission cooler for towing with 04 mdx

    I have recently gone from tent trailer to hybrid trailer (2800 lbs) and I am wondering do I need to upgrade my transmission Cooler on my 04 mdx
  17. 1999 TL With Slight Hesitation In Driveline

    2nd Gen TL
    Hello all, New here. Thinking of buying my daughter a 1999 TL high mileage (164000 miles) and the car seems solid enough except for a slight hesitation in the driveline, kind of like a momentary slip in the transmission. Shifts out fine but the "slip" is consistent when taking off from a...
  18. Prevention tips re CL transmission

    2nd Gen CL
    We've just purchased a 2001 CL type S, one owner, regularly dealer serviced at 75,000 miles. Had that same dealer check it pre-purchase and (as I had some idea of the tranny problem) asked them to focus on that. Check proved fine in all ways and driver said no evident tranny problem. I'm...
  19. 03 MDX Different Transmission Issues Need Pro Please

    Ask The Dealer
    I own a couple of auto-repair shops and have worked as a tech for many years prior. I have an 03 MDX, 85,000 Miles. I purchased it Recently (2 Months or so). The Transmission is acting Up a little. Its not the Torque Converter Shutter at 30-40 mph. It may be beginning stages of TC Wear...
  20. 87 Legend coupe trans slipping

    Do It Yourself
    My 87 Acura Legend with 210,00 miles has an automatic transmission slipping problem. Car will not start moving when in the D position (slips), but if i shift manually to 2 , then S3 , it shifts ok except for some shuttering when shifting to D at about 35 mph. It also does not lock into Park when...