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  1. Possible First time owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I am looking to buy a TSX in the next couple months. Probably a 2011/2012 to make sure it has already depreciated the most and less than 100k miles on it. My goal is to drive the car for 6-12 months and sell it with minimal net cost. I want to eventually do this with higher end cars like...
  2. Super Fast Acura TSX - High Performance!

    Do It Yourself
    SEE ATTACHMENT FOR SPECS ON TSX looking to purchase this tsx, its got it all. when I went to test drive, all gears seemed fine except 6 was tough and 5th gear was extremely hard to get into. the car runs about 3500-4000 rpm to run smooth. ive had someone tell me it probably needs a serious...
  3. New girl around here / 2012 Acura TSX

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! So this is my first post on the forum & I'm going to be asking you guys a lot of questions in the near future if you're all willing to help out lol. I recently purchased my new baby, a 2012 Acura TSX & I have a lot of future plans for her. So it's nice to be a part of all this &...
  4. Acura TSX 2005 (with Navi) - Compatible with Pioneer AVIC8100NEX

    1st Gen TSX
    Hi - Can someone guide how can I install "Pioneer AVIC8100NEX" into Acura TSX 2005 (with Navi). thanks Z
  5. Possible Purchase of '05

    1st Gen TSX
    Hi All. I'm looking to move up from my '10 Civic LX-S and came across an '05 TSX in my area (NE Ohio). It's looks very clean, includes the navigation package, has 84k miles. Seller is asking $10,300, which seems high to me. What would you all consider paying to pick this up? (Sorry for no...
  6. 2009 Acura TSX FS in NJ - $14,500 OBO

    Cars For Sale
    85k miles (80% highway) Clean title Automatic Very clean and well kept Bluetooth audio and phone capability AUX and USB ports Lowered on Megan Racing fully adjustable coilovers 35% tint all around Tan leather interior 19" Stern St-2 wheels 90% tread left on tires Custom brake calipers...
  7. 2004-2008 Acura Tsx oem complete navigation $780 FIRM

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    2004-2008 Acura Tsx oem complete navigation $780 FIRM it comes with the following: -navagation screen -cd navi player changer -steering wheel with the voice activation button -clock which shows display when navi is in use -gps antenna which fits in sunglass holder -complete dash wiring harness...
  8. For Sale: 2011 Acura TSX Black low miles Los Angeles area

    Cars For Sale
    Hello! I'm selling my 2011 Acura TSX. It's black, in great condition and is in need of a new owner. I needed something a little bigger..My kids keep growing (weird, huh?) This is a great car that gets fantastic fuel economy, is fast and has lots of gadgets like Bluetooth and XM Radio. Come take...
  9. FS - Dallas 2008 Acura TSX Pearl White, Leather, Wood Trim

    Cars For Sale
    "Beautiful 2008 Acura TSX Pearl White, Leather, Wood Trim - $19500 (Plano)" I just listed my baby for sale on craigslist - we're in Dallas. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Search for the above quoted title on CL - can't link yet since I'm a noobie! Thanks! Leslie
  10. 2006 TSX switchblade key. How? Recommendation?

    1st Gen TSX
    My first post! I just got a 2006 TSX and I wanted to get the switchblade type key that is in the new Acura’s. Yes I know there are many other threads about the switchblade key but I couldn’t find anything recent. So to my understanding is that you buy the key and then you have to get it cut...
  11. FS: (Canada) 04-05 TSX A-spec Suspension

    Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    FS: 04 TSX A-spec Suspension A-spec suspension. Bought it for my 2004 6MT TSX 2 years ago. Never got around to installing it. Got hooked on photography, now I'm poor and care more about cameras than cars (sorry if this offends any1, I sincerely apologize, but cars are just too expensive of a...
  12. TSX nose mask /06-08

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    I have a used nose mask from my 2007 TSX... Its in good shape no holes or rips. It has been used for 3 winters and is alittle stained around the edges from the wheel grime/winter slop. But other then that its good shape with all the parts not including the the 2 wheel snaps. I will ship...
  13. 2007 Acura TSX ALL OPTIONS INCLUD!!!

    Cars For Sale
    Hey, my father is selling his 2007 Acura TSX that he bought brand new. It only has 22,000 KMS on it!!!!! my dad doesn't drive it very much at all because he subways to work and also doesn't really live in Calgary full time so to speak because he is just there for long periods of time for...
  14. custom in-dash 2din kit

    1st Gen TSX
    Hello fellow TSX owners! I presently bought 04 TSX without nav system (hoping to upgrade it later, stupid me =)). to my big surprise after research and stopping by some local audio dealers i found out that there is no kit to support 2din aftermarket stereos =(. (I bet most of you...
  15. Purchase advice - 2007 TSX

    1st Gen TSX
    Hi all, Have been looking at a 2007 TSX here in Canada at a local Honda dealer. 86,000kms on the odo and it's a Ontario (Toronto area) car. Took it for a test drive and the front end was quite noisy over bumpy surfaces. I suggest they look at it thinking it could be the struts or bushings. They...
  16. Best TSX front brake pads (2004)

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    My front brake pads are shot--very loud heavy squeaking--and I've heard "replace with only Honda parts--". Is this a true statement or have any other brands proven work well with the 2004 TSX? I want no squeaking and very little brake dust, ideally.
  17. Can you swap a TSX 2.4 liter Engine into an RSX?

    So I like the way the RSX performs, but it just needs more torque. I hate the idea of turbo/supercharging because I believe engine blocks that werent designed for forced induction are not strong enough for those applications. A naturally aspirated engine with the same horsepower but more torque...
  18. Acura TSX Sport Wagon Reviews

    2nd Gen TSX
    The Car Connection Carmakers [in 1998]: “SUVs are the new minivans, because young parents hate the minivan’s Soccer Mom connotation. Also wagons are a non-starter for precisely the same reason.” Carmaker [Acura, in late 2010]: “The new-new: wagons.” If you’re scratching your head, you aren’t...
  19. Sport Wagon Priced from $30,960

    2nd Gen TSX
    2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon Priced from $30,960 The 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon arrives in showrooms soon wearing a base price tag of $30,960, not including destination charges. The Sport Wagon shares most of its basics with the TSX sedan, which showed up to this year's 2010 Los Angeles auto...
  20. 2011 Info Released

    2nd Gen TSX
    2011 Acura TSX Sedan Further Improves, Performances & Efficiency Despite the TSX sedan being a top choice in its class, Acura has not rested on its laurels, as a host of major updates have been made for 2011. Topping the list, the TSX sedan receives a freshened exterior look along with a wide...