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  1. Super Fast Acura TSX - High Performance!

    Do It Yourself
    SEE ATTACHMENT FOR SPECS ON TSX looking to purchase this tsx, its got it all. when I went to test drive, all gears seemed fine except 6 was tough and 5th gear was extremely hard to get into. the car runs about 3500-4000 rpm to run smooth. ive had someone tell me it probably needs a serious...
  2. 1990 Acura Legend LS

    1st Gen Legend Performance
    I have a '90 Acura Legend LS. V-6, stick, fuel injected, dual Overhead cams and Turbo. 187,000 miles runs great. New brakes and tires. Low gear synchromesh is making noise. The A/C works on occasion? The drivers side window doesn't roll up on down. It needs a new motor for the window. I...
  3. Honda Turbo News

    All other Car discussions.
    Honda Develops VTEC Turbo Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo Engine that Achieves Class-Leading Output & Environmental Performance Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that it has newly developed VTEC TURBO, a direct injection gasoline turbo engine most suitable for small-to-medium-sized...
  4. turbo 97 el help :(

    CSX / EL
    hey guys, im thinking of turboing my el this summer but only running about 6-7 psi of boost max, but i was just curious as to if i would need to upgrade the fuel management system and if so, how? i am going to replace the injectors and the fuel pump but i dont know how or if i need to make the...
  5. going boost !

    hi, I am going to turbo my integra gsr soon and i am still not sure what kind of setup i am going to run yet any suggestions on what parts or kits you recommend ? also i want to get stronger rods and lower compression pistons what brand would be the best to go with for them at a good price ...
  6. New '08 CSX

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2008 Acura CSX. I am looking to make into a performance car. I have no previous knowledge of import cars. Seeing how the last car I built was a 1979 chevy el camino. If you can give me any insight into the popular brands for turbos, or superchargers and chips etc...
  7. Hey guys i need some help

    New Member Introductions
    Ok i got some questions. I just picked up an evo III 16g turbo. My goal is to install it on my 2000 Acura RL 3.5L. The car is my love and pride and sure as hell do not want to mess it up. Up till now there is no engine changes. I have grounded out the spark plugs, put in a voltage...