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  1. Vigor
    We've had a lovely Vigor GS as part of our family since 92 and as much as we love her, now it may well be time to let her go. :( As the other Vigor owners on this forum surely know, this model was a classic of it's time - perhaps a little quirky and misunderstood by those who were not...
  2. Vigor
    My buddy messaged me on facebook regarding his '92 Vigor GS. He is proud of the car and loves it but is having a tranny issue right now. Plz read the below text he sent me and give me some input? Would b much appreciated. He doesn't often have 'net access so I'm trying 2 help him out. I've...
  3. Ask The Dealer
    I'm having ongoing issues with the factory alarm setting off on my 92 Vigor. The key insert on the driver and passenger side do not de-activate anymore. Can you direct me to the right direction? I'd be Greatly appreciated. Please help, Thanks
  4. Vigor
    Can anyone tell me if the anti-theft light should be blinking while driving? the light is located on the radio do i know if the alarm is enabled or disabled....thx. bandi
  5. Everything But The Kitchen Sink
    The pros use them. So should you. All manuals are rich in content and will satisfy the backyard mechanic to the professional technician. These manuals are not cheap paper scanned files. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Hear from what our past customers are saying: "Great Seller, quick...
1-5 of 5 Results