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  1. Do It Yourself
    My left-rear window is not working in my Acura 2005 EL. From the driver seat or from the left-rear door, I can't control the window. All my other windows are working from the driver seat or from their respective door switch. The fuse is not the issue. I don't hear a weird sound from the window...
  2. 1st Gen RL
    Hi I'm new to the forum i have a black 1996 Acura 3.5 RL, when i bought the car my window didnt roll down. when i hit the switch it makes a click noise so im not sure if its the motor or if it is just stuck because of the lining. i would really appreciate any ideas of what it could be
  3. 3rd Gen TL
    Hi everyone. My driver door window garnish part # 72470-SEP-A01ZA , has a bad ding and scratch in it. I have the replacemet part but I'm not sure how to replace it. I'm sure I have to remove the rubber seals but is this going to be a difficult task? If it is possible to do it myself, are there...