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  1. Water leaking on passenger floorboard!! HELP!

    1st Gen RL
    Hey guys, So it rained the other day and I find my passenger floorboard soaked with water. I was parked on an inclined driveway, with the hood higher than the rest of the car. Anyone else have this problem? Would it be a leak in the windshield? Help! I hate the smell of wet carpet. Thanks
  2. 2009 RDX noisy glass (front side windows and windshield)

    Ask The Dealer
    First, thank you to all who take the time here to help us all out. It is greatly appreciated. I have a 2009 RDX with 7500 miles. I have a few problems strangely with the glass in the car. First issue, BOTH front windows rattle badly when in any position other than full up or full down. I...