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In November I got a shaking/misfire issue that was diagnosed as a bad ignition coil and subsequently fixed by a mechanic. He said if I have the problem again a few months down the road it's probably another ignition coil and to replace them all. Fast forward to this month and the problem occurs again, so I take his advice and (myself) replace all ignition coils with MaterPro and all spark plugs with NKG Iridium and the problem seem to go away for 30 miles or so (I take it on short in town trips and on short freeway trips with no issues*). Then, yesterday, my wife takes it on a 40 mile freeway trip to a friend's house and experiences no issues on the way, but when she starts it up to come home she immediately experiences shaking in idle, and shaking during driving. I go and pick her up and drive the 40 or miles back (at speeds of 20-60MPH) and experience what feels like shaking/misfiring.

Today I started it up and 1 by 1 removed the ignition coil clips to see if any particular cylinders are giving me problems. Engine performance is impacted by removing each of the back coil clips, and is impacted by removing the front left clip, however removing the front middle and front right clip have no impact on idle. I also noted that the front right spark plug had a little bit of oil in the electrode gap. I swapped in the old spark plugs for the front middle and right cylinders to see if that identified the new spark plugs as the issue, but no impact.

Codes: P0300, P0301, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, P1399 (note it did not show P0302)
*I did feel like when I took my foot off the accelerator I was getting more deceleration that I was expecting, but I'm not sure if I was imagining that
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