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Hi, thanks for reading, I would really appreciate some info. I just replaced my drivers head light assembly, in my 2002 acura tl. originally the low beam was out due to condensation, so i bought a new lens and new low beam. I reinstalled all of the exisiting (working) bulbs. FYI-the low beam is the high voltage kind.
After replacement, the low beam still doesn't work and now the high beam doesn't work, so, I replaced that bulb and it still doesn't work. All other lights in the assembly do work. I am planning on bringing the car to an actual machanic to check the *balist /*ignitor, but i think i may have some how messed the wiring, hense the high beam now not working. I do not know a lot about cars, but i do what i can when i think i can do it. Based on what I have told you, can anyone recommend what may be wrong (so i can try to avoid being slammed by the mechnic, lol) or what i may do to fix it, without paying a fortune. Also, i did wear gloves when replacing the bulbs and was as gentle as could be when disconnecting the plugs. I can't imagine that I yanked a wire loose, but anything is possible. Perhaps a wire diagram would be helpful so i can compair the two.
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