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'04 TL Headlights - help!

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Hi, pardon me if this topic has been covered already, I'm having difficulty searching the threads.

I need new low-beam HID headlights for my 2004 TL... anyone have any suggestions on what and where to buy? Thanks!

If you're curious for more details... I replaced the bulbs with "High Performance Xenon D2S HID replacement bulbs, 6000K Brilliant White" from about a year and a half ago. They were much less expensive than other replacement bulbs I saw (only $40 for a set of 2), and of course they were pricey for my garage to install (several times more than the cost of the bulbs). And, not so surprisingly, they didn't last long at all. 14 months for one, 18 months for the other. I do leave my lights on all the time when driving, but I drive very few miles (only about 5,000/yr). Anyway I'm learning my lesson and not buying such cheap bulbs this time around. :)
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