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I just picked up a 2004 TSX M6 at a local Nissan dealer. Love the car, but I'm having some electrical issues. Every 6-8th time I get in the car, it's dead. It has a brand new battery, but it's like the battery is unhooked. If I pop the hood and wiggle the positive clamp, the power comes back on and it will start right up. Also while driving the radio will occasionally cut out for a second, like there's a bad connection somewhere.

I've got a good connection at the terminal, and I've traced the cable back to the fuse box and found no issues. When the dealer took it as a trade they discovered a "couple of burnt valves", so they sent it across town to the Acura dealer for a new motor. I'm afraid they might have crimped a wire during the install, but maybe not.

Aside from this the car is great. It's just annoying and I worry about developing more problems down the road as a result. Has anyone else had this issue or heard of a similar problem? Maybe a fuse, relay or connection that's prone to coming loose?
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