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Hello Everyone!*
My friend is having an issue with his 2007 acura TL 3.2L automatic 5 speed Tranny....
I'll try and keep it short
2 years ago his original trans was acting up. Brought it to a shop, and they "rebuilt" it... within the year, it was acting up again, with different symptoms. The shop couldnt figure out what the problem was. So after leaving the car there over 2 months with them, my friend took it back.*
He, then bought a Transmission from JDM Engine depot in NJ. had a local shop put it in for him. After they got it running, the car had a check engine light on and would kick the car back into 3rd gear, once it hit 5th gear.*
The codes that come up consistently every time are...P0757 shift solenoid B stuck on
p1743 shift error K
p1745 shift error M
P1780 shift control system (trans default mode)
He reached out to me about this, since this 2nd mechanic told him it's something electrical wrong with the car, and he cant fix it.*
I got the car. I swapped around all the solenoids, the 4 that are inside the cover, and the 2 outside, cleaned all the strainers that go under them as well. Also checked all the wiring and connection . Everything was showing correct operation according to the scantool and meter....
So we decided to take this used tranny back to the place he bought it and get another one, under the 30 day warranty. We installed i . And the EXACT issue is still happening with the car! So it's not the internals of the transmission.....
This is where I'm at right now...
in Manual mode you can drive the car with No issue in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. Once the car shifts into 5th gear, within 10 seconds or so, it kicks the tranny back down into 3rd gear and throws those 4 codes mentioned above. Everytime.*
I swapped around all the shift solenoids inside and out, cleaned everything I could and checked all connections. Scantool* and voltage on the meter is showing the shift solenoids working exactly as their supposed to. So I'm not seeing shift solenoid B stuck on at all.*
I've also swapped around all the pressure sensors to see if anything changes at all. NO change.*
This problem had to of been introduced from that second mechanic. Because the car didnt have these codes or symptoms with the first bad trans.*

I was told, Japanese transmissions are identical to US. So of that's true, then this trans should work fine

Only thing I noticed is that when I pulled off the connector to pressure switch 4, I get the exact codes and No change with anything else. But I swapped that sensor with the other that is identical and no change at all. So I dont think it's that sensor....

Any help would be appreciated! This car is driving us crazy and I just really want to know what is wrong with it
hi i have the same issue with my honda odyssey
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