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I'm going down the path of buying a two-owner TSX with an auto. trans. and 99K miles on it. Clean CarFax and clean AutoCheck. The car is clean and tight. It seems like a GREAT car!
As I've never owned a "high-performance/sport luxury" vehicle before (I'm an F-150 kinda guy), I'm in unfamilar territory.
Before I pull the trigger tomorrow, I'd really like to know (a) what "big ticket" maintenance/repair items should have been done already, and (b) what "big" maintenance/repair items are coming up (at approximately how many miles) and a ballpark cost to have a dealer or independent mechanic do the work.
I'm not mechanically-inclined, so the possibly of me doing things other than cleaning and detailing is slim-to-none.
Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to help me out!

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Surprisingly it won't be much. Serpentine belt and tensioner, spark plugs (stick with the NGK Iridium), water pump (be sure to use Honda Type II coolant), oil, ATF (be sure to use Honda ATF-Z1 or ATF-DW1 ONLY), air filter, power steering fluid (optional, only use Honda fluid), brake fluid flush, valve lash adjustment (optional), timing chain tensioner (option, however I recommend it; weak tensioner design from factory, known to slack and skip teeth in race conditions).

Majority, if not, all the required stuff is DIY-able in your driveway on this car.
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