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So I have a 07 tl type s. And I am finally looking at modding it. not because its slow. but because I just like making things a little more personal, performance and visually. I am somewhat handy and can do things myself but am limited because I don't have some necessary tools, like to lift it up and do anything underneath. So one of the first mods I plan on doing is a cold air intake. I am fairly certain I can do this my self. But I was looking at doing some stuff to the exhaust. Now I don't want to spend thousands of dollars but I am prepared to spend some money. I guess the question is what should I do. My goals are obviously to gain performance and power but also to make the exhaust a little louder. but I don't what it screaming loud or to sound ricey. I would like it to have a deeper sounding tone, expically when I get on it. Any suggestions are welcome.


Also, what are your fav. cold air intakes that you have installed or seen.
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