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About a year ago I had a parasitic draw which eventually killed the battery - I started with a new battery and tested the system using the test the top of fuses set to MV and found the draw being the common faulty Blue Tooth module - I removed it and did without it - no more battery drain - so 1 1/2 years later new battery is draining again. Did a quick test for draw - removed negative cable - watched the meter as it was connected between post and cable - noted a computer wake up at around 70MA and then within seconds drop to 20 to 30MA which as I understand it is an acceptable draw for a vehicle with modules - I charged the battery up to 12.5V. This is an 08 RDX with 130,000 miles original alternator.

This is all the unstable stuff

Start the car and with the meter on the battery I am seeing at idle 13.2 V charging slowly dropping in about 20 seconds to around 12.5V to 12.4V at idle and then stay constant at 12.4 V charging output - if you rev it it will go up to around 12.9 and drop at idle again at 12.4v. I apologize for my lack of knowledge in the following area but I understand some vehicle modules can control the output of voltage hence the 12.5 instead of say 14.3 V throughout the RPM range. I dont know if this is what is happening - A standard regulator should put out 14.3 V throughout the RPM range if its doing its job as I understand it.

So what is true for the 08 Acura RDX should it have a desirable output of 14.3 Volts throughout the RPM range including idle or can it vary by instruction from modules - in which case if it should be 14.3 throughout I have a bad alternator - and by the way I did check alternator voltage output while running at the positive stud on the alternator and negative ground on the Alt case and battery neg terminal - getting same output as when leads were on the battery - this was the check of cables - all connections were clean.

Any input would be appreciated
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