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1/4 mile track results for my TL and my Z, must read!

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TL best run:
R.T.: 1.132
60: 2.090
330: 5.965
1/8: 9.282
MPH: 73.93
1000: 12.061
1/4: 14.563
MPH: 91.48

300ZX best run:
R.T.: .841
60: 2.088
330: 5.856
1/8: 8.865
MPH: 80.94
1000: 11.135
1/4: 13.004
MPH: 109.95

this is my worst run today with the TL:

R.T.: 2.229
60: 3.269
330: 8.124
1/8: 11.989
MPH: 58.97
1000: 16.103
1/4: 20.299
MPH: 57.25

okay, I can explain... This was my first run... and I put it in D4 and forgot about it waiting in the line, and I didn't know how to power brake, AND the worst thing is that the TCS was on... so I had my foot on the brake, watching the light, after it turns green, I took my foot off and floor the car, the TCS kicked in and shut off the engine, then off I went. I was trying to shift using the SS but I was in D4... It sucked... 20.299 quarter mile...

And I ran the TL 17 times today, many of them were 15's, I don't know how the **** I got that 14.563 but hey, I'll take it. I ran the Z with nitrous (full bottle, 15lbs bottle, 100 shot wet) 14 times.
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Sweet run. How'd you bring both cars up there? Tow one?
nope, I had the previous owner of the Z took the Z, and I took the TL.
whoa what mods you have in the TL? :eek:
Comptech headers
Comptech exaust
AEM Tru-Power pulley
and I took out about everything I could, carpet, spare, jack, and I didn't eat anything and raced naked (wait, not the last part...)

I still want more horsepower though, does the VTEC controller help me at all? I'm running out of performance parts to find here. Also I want lighter wheels, anyone wants to sell me a set of 18" that's under 20 lbs each?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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