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Hi, my 1st post.
I'm shopping for a new used vehic. and have taken a real liking to this brand.

I really like this black tsx, mint, and drives like a dream. Would buy in a heartbeat if it wasnt for the 190+km on it. He's asking 9900.

I've also found in my pricerange a blue csx with paddleshift, also great shape, with 86km. Askiing 8900. It drives real nice, black leather interior also, but just not as sharp as the tsx.

Am I crazy for considering the tsx with this many km? The csx seems like a real nice car and a better decision for the km.

Both are sedans.

Trying to make a decision I've reasoned myself into lol.

Any comments or help much appreciated, and would be more than willing to offer up any other info I can.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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