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Hey everybody I just bought a 1991 Legend and everything is great except the AC and Heater blower is not blowing any air. The A/C compressor kicks on when you turn on the A/C. Also, the heater works because you can feel the hot air rising through the vents after you turn it on. So I think it's something electrical. I have seen many posts saying that the blower relay is on the blower housing, but for the life of me I can't find the blower housing itself. I have checked all of the fuses related to the blower and heater and they are fine.

One other thing. The fan does not blow at all, but when you turn the knob all the way to the "high" position (all the way to where the knob clicks), if you listen carefully you can hear a slight clicking noise coming from the passenger side behind the glove box. We removed the glove box and there is something that looks like either a fuse or a relay with a wire connection, but I am not sure what that is. I ordered the repair manual but it wont be here for a few days.

So where is the blower housing assembly? And do you have any suggestions as to which electrical parts I should check before I try to rip out the blower motor?
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