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I recently bought a 1991 Integra GS with a California salvage title. I paid $1K for it. The teen I bought it from thought he was going to be able to work on it but decided he could not, (it would not pass the California smog test), so it sat out in the Southern California sun and baked. He bought it with a salvage title and could not tell me why it was deemed salvage. Except for not being able to downshift into third gear, the 5-speed works fine. It drives straight. Got it up to 90MPH before I thought I was being stupid to do so on a car I knew nothing about. AC does not work. All electrical items work as they should. The sunroof opens and closes as do the electric power windows, door locks, gauges, reading lights, brake lights, headlights, wipers, etc all work. No missing parts. Glass is good. The original engine was replaced with a B20B from a CRV sometime in the past (not by the teen). No engine leaks or smoke and it cranks up and runs fine. The headliner is cooked - meaning it looks like alligator hide. The carpet and the seats just need a VERY good cleaning. Surprisingly, the dash is good as there has been a "Dashmate" cover on it and the teen placed a sun shade on the windshield. It needs a paint job.

I reside in a county in Southern Utah that does not require emissions certification. So, I walked into the local DMV and after paying $77 I had new Utah plates, registration and a Utah title is on the way.

I probably could sell it as is and make a thousand, but I'm thinking it may be worth fixing up and then selling it. The local upholstery shop quoted me a price of $550.00 to remove the headliner, recover it and reinstall it. Another $100 to do the same for the sun visors. The body shop owner that repaired my Audi after it was in an accident gave me three options. One option which he described as a Maaco job was $2,500. Another quote was $3,500 for a sanding, repair of the door dings, paint color of my choice, sanding, and I think he said a second coat of color or he could have said clear coat. The third option, also $2,500, is a paint job he has been doing more of recently and that is using "truck bed liner paint" mixed with color of my choice and with a second spray of just color. He will also fix all the dings, paint the bumpers and all of the trim. I never heard of this last option so I checked YouTube and there are a lot of videos on this process. If I fix the Integra, I'm thinking the bed liner paint job may be the way to go. The original factory color is black and I think it should stay black as the paint job does not include painting door jams, engine compartment or the other "unseen" areas.

So for $1k purchase, the $100 to get it to Utah, the $200 for the muffler I had put on it, $77 for registration, $650 for the headliner and visors and $2500 for the "paint" job I would have $4527.00 into the Integra. I can live, for now, with the transmission that won't downshift into third gear.

For that price is it worth fixing up this salvaged titled Integra?
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