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I am selling my stock white 1992 Integra GS-R. I live in Reston, VA and the car has 212k miles on it. It has just been sitting in my parking lot for the past year, so it is time for it to go. There are a few issues, as is true with most cars this old. Here are the current list of things that are wrong: battery is dead, brake booster is bad, abs light is on, cruise control doesn't work, a/c doesn't work although it just died recently, the radio doesn't work, there is rust on the rear wheel well, the clear coat is peeling on the hood. Due to the brake booster being bad the car will need to be towed, as the engine shuts off every time the brake is pressed.
There are no performance modifications to this car, just replacement parts. Parts recently replaced are the muffler, tires, distributor cap, ignitor, main fuel relay, right rear brake caliper, radiator, and thermostat.
It is a good car, however I bought a new car when my daughter was born and didn't really have time for it. I am selling it for $2000/obo. I have a new master cylinder (current one is rebuilt) and the Acura service manuals that will come with the car also.
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