I am selling a classic 1993 Acura Vigor. This runs without issue. There is some body damage and rust. The damage is focused on the driver front and rear. Driver spun out recently and caused it. Due to the damage with the driver side rear has caused the trunk to become loose but still latches and opens. There is believed to be a small whole in the gas tank and there is a leak for the power steering. To my knowledge a lot of the vehicle is OEM (could be the fittings have rusted). I have documentation and replacements of parts (standard maintenance) going back many years. She has given her time to 2 generations, my grandfather who owned it and myself when he handed it down. She has over 135K. I have never had an issue with her starting up.
The modifications I have done are the following:
Upgraded the radio to a modern unit (the cassette broke on the original radio)
The speakers have been upgraded. (The original disk tray in the trunk is still there)
Let me know who is interested otherwise she will be gone from this world and be remembered as she was. A fun ride.